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Production Method

Our company, having experienced Research and Development Department, deals with finding the best raw materials from all around the world and the traditional products of the Greek countryside which receives from certified suppliers with taking samples according to the procedure of receipt.

The storage of materials made in special areas under strict hygienic conditions.

Qualified personnel take control of the process of homogenization in vending machines (homogenized silo) .

After the final output control, mixtures transferred with the vacuum process in automatic packing machines where the products are weighed and packed into special film with simultaneous printing of coding and Hazard analysis and critical control points of products.

The transfer to the final control and packaging area is done by machines.

Finished products in cartons placed on pallets ATC and are ready for loading and distribution worldwide.

We choose the best raw materials from all over the world as well as traditional products from the Greek countryside!


Certified suppliers

Sampling upon product receipt.


Specialized staff

Controls the homogenization process in automatic machines


Quality control

Strict sanitary conditions in the storage of materials.


Product traceability

Electronic product tracking system.