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In 1985, we make and distribute soft ice cream of high quality and performance.

Frosty Soft Vanilla

Vanilla mixture with full flavor and rich cream texture.

Frosty Soft Chocolate

Chocolate mixture with rich cocoa flavor and full texture.

Fantastic flavors

Caramel Toffee ice cream

Rich caramel naturally derived from roasting lactose contained in whole fat milk.

Coconut ice cream

With natural coconut milk, rich nutrient product with calcium but without sugars and fats.

Mastic ice cream

Mastic ice cream (kaimaki) Ice cream enriched with mastic flavor and salep.

Frosty Frozen Yoghurt

A frozen, sweet treat with an exquisite velvety taste. Mixes to make a delicious traditional yogurt ice cream.

Ice Cream Products


Ideal for serving ice cream, they elevate the flavor of all types of frozen dessert. Ice cream cones in a variety of sizes and flavors.


Attractive, crispy classic wafers with a pleasant and subtle taste. Ideal for serving ice cream in the shape of cone, basket, cup.


Authentic, delicious tart. Ready-made tarts for filling of your choice.


Embrace the crispiness, decorate your ice creams and sweets with classic, special or filled pies in various flavors and shapes.


Add a delicious cookie touch, accompany your frozen or sweet dessert with vanilla or cocoa flavored cookies in various sizes.


Create explosive ice cream, frozen yogurt, milkshake flavors using a topping syrup.

Granita – Ice coffee – Milk Shakes

Delightful, refreshing lemon and strawberry granitas. Great Frosty ice coffee with instant coffee, cocoa and milk. Unique tasty vanilla and chocolate Milkshake.


Various garnishes and toppings, pies, children's biscuits, syrups and chocolate coating preparations, which beautify the final appearance and prepare for enjoyment.

Production Department

Our company, having an experienced research and development department, deals with finding the best raw materials from all over the world and the traditional products of the Greek countryside which it receives from certified suppliers with samples taken during the receiving process.


Reliable ice cream, frozen yogurt and granita machines to properly equip your business!